OUR SERVICES...supporting you from rehearsal to your performance

Studio Rental

Our rehearsal studios are acoustically treated and equipped with top of the line, well maintained, TUBE AMPLIFIERS.  Go-to amplifiers such as FENDER TWIN REVERB, VOX AC30, MARSHALL JCM900, MARSHALL JVM410H, BLACKSTAR HT 100 METAL, ORANGE ROCKERVERB , and LANEY TT-100 are at your disposal any day!

Our rehearsal rates are reasonably priced.  You can't get these amplifiers on these rates anywhere else in TOWN!

Professional Audio (PA) & Band Equipment rental

Liveamp supports our band customers from rehearsal to the actual performance! Our top of the line equipment are available for rent to support indoor and outdoor performances.  We provide FREE TRANSPORT for PA and Equipment rentals!  We also offer MULTI-TRACK recording for your GIGS!

Our LiveAMP bandmobile can also be rented to serve bands to round up and pickup gears of band-members - ONE SHOT!

Do-It-Yourself Recording

Liveamp has a mobile multi-track recording system available for bands who would like to record their own music DIY! Book a minimum of 4 hours of rehearsal time and use LiveAMP's 16 channel mobile multi-tracker FOC!

We are also open to Sound Engineers who would like to use our studio for their projects!

Gig Opportunity

Our very own Jam With the Chiefs (JwC) event provides a good platform for musicians to showcase their
talents live on stage. It's never too late to shine! Line yourself up on the next JwC!!!

Watch out for announcements at our FB page or Bulletin Board!
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